Summer 2018 Mentor Information

We still need quite a few mentors to make the programs as awesome as we know they can be.  We have a great team started, but have a few holes still to fill.  Would you consider mentoring?

Program Details:

5K Finish (formerly No Boundaries) – Designed especially for first-time 5K runners, walkers or walk/runners, or participants who have been away from running for a while and need to rebuild their fitness.  5K Finish is one of the more fulfilling experiences you can have as a coach, mentor or business owner!  The program kicks off this Saturday (June 2) and continues for 8 weeks, culminating with the Beat the Heat 5K on July 21.  Workouts are Mondays at 6:15 PM and Saturdays at 7:30 AM.  Ellen Whitlock is going to be the Head Coach, assisted by Keith Davis (owner) and Stacy Tollie (training program director).

5K Foundation (formerly NoBo II) – Designed for 5K Finish graduates or experienced 5K runners who want to continue to build their endurance and pace.  The 5K Foundation program is also starting Saturday (June 2) and training for Beat the Heat on July 21.  Workouts are Mondays at 6:00 PM and Saturdays at 7:00 AM.  Mike Huddleston is going to be the Head Coach, assisted by Keith Davis (owner) and Stacy Tollie (training program director).

Both programs will feature traditional run groups organized by pace and walk/run groups.  5K Finish will have walking groups as well.  We’d like mentors to be able to attend 80% or more of the program workouts, but we understand the complexities of summer scheduling and have room for mentors that may not be able to make this target.  If you’re interested at all, we’d like to talk to you. 

Mentor Benefits:
All mentors will have an opportunity to purchase training shoes for $50 at the beginning of the program and those that make 75% of the workouts (12 or more the 16 scheduled workouts) will also receive a complimentary entry to the Beat the Heat 5K and a certificate for a future FFRC training program.

If you are interested, please e-mail me directly, I will help you get registered for the program and added to the roster.  From there, the coaches (Mike and Ellen) and Stacy will be your primary points of contact.  Thank you in advance for your consideration of these particular programs!

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