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Hello Fleet Feet Sports family!

Keith and I wanted to give you a full update on where we are with training programs, mentors, what's to come, and what's changing.  Since Stacie Battjes left the team back in December- it's been tough to say the least.  Stacie managed the programs for 10 years, and without her it's left a big gaping hole in so many ways- and Keith and I have done all we can to patch it and band-aid it.  Two stores, three kids, 30+ staff members, and lots of training program details to be figured out- its been a tough first quarter.  But, here we are in April already.  We have some great changes taking place that we wanted to share!

1) We are excited to announce that we have hired Stacy Tollie as the new Director of Training Programs.  Stacy has been part of the running community in the Triad for many years and has been very involved with the Twin City Track Club.  Stacy spent the majority of her career as a lawyer, but recently left her career to pursue her personal passion- running.  She has a Masters in Health & Exercise Science from Wake Forest University, and has extensive experience in both running and managing research projects related to health and wellness.  Stacy will take off where Stacie left off (yes, the name thing is a bit crazy) and will oversee all training programs, coaches, mentors, all FFRC details, We Run Winston, and Fitvil. 

2) In January we rebranded our training programs from Fleet Feet Training to Fleet Feet Running Club.  This was a national branding initiative that included changing the names of the programs to FAST and FINISH.  For now, we are going to depart from the names FAST and FINISH- we faced more challenges with the names than improvements.  It's not that clear cut, not that black and white, and we really want to make sure we are providing programs that deliver on the goals of the participants.  We found that FAST and FINISH didn't really communicate and identify with many of the participants' goals.  So for now, we are dropping those names. 

3) We are going to revamp and relaunch the mentor program.  For the winter programs, we enrolled just a small handful of mentors- largely because we were trying to get our hands wrapped around everything that needed to be done with training programs and we weren't ready to have 100+ mentors out on the roads when we weren't event up to speed on all the details!  But, yes, the mentor program is coming back in full force.  More details to come. 

4) Spring training programs have had a few changes and haircuts.  First, we postponed Triathlon 101.  Now that we are not going to be planning the 36 North Triathlon anymore, we struggled to get participation.  Most triathlons are in open water- which we don't have a ton of access to in Winston-Salem, so we really needed to regroup and figure out a program that would best prepare participants for open water training and races.  We are still getting details together, but do plan to have a Tri 101 program later this Spring.  Tri4Women which trains for the Ramblin' Rose is still a go for this summer.  For 10K training- we dropped the Fast and Finish names and are moving forward with A and B groups.  A is for runners that average faster than 10 minute miles and want to really push their pace.  B is for runners that love the group camaraderie, want to train with a larger group, are less interested in specific tempo paces and more interested in just having a great practice, a great group, and fun.  Not that A won't be fun....but A is about speed, pace, and shaving off time. 

5) We are testing a pilot program this Spring.  Keith will coach a 10K group that will train for the Shelton Vineyard's Running the Vines and training is designed for runners that average 12-15 minutes/mile.  This program is great for slower runners or for run/walkers.  This program will be only $25 and Keith will work directly with this group to help them work on their speed and endurance.  Through various training strategies, including interval training, Keith will work closely with participants to help them achieve their personal goals.  This program starts April 23rd and practices Mondays and Thursdays at 6PM.  Race date is 5/27.

6) We are offering a $25 coupon to any winter training participants that want to sign up for the 10K-A or 10K-B programs.  We really appreciate you sticking with us as we figure out these details and figure out life without our dear Stacie Battjes.  It's really hard to have a key part of your team (for 10 years!) move on to the next thing!  We appreciate all the feedback and support we've gotten from folks over the past few months, and look forward to growing the WS running community together.  We are excited for Stacy Tollie and her energy, and all that she'll bring to the programs.  Coupon info is coming to your inbox soon. 

A store newsletter with all the links to the spring training programs will go out this week.  We hope you will join us this spring in training for local races.  Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm.  We appreciate you!

Emily & Keith Davis

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