Fleet Feet Running Club Participant Training Info

Welcome to the Fleet Feet Running Club!

Please complete the following information in as much detail as possible.  This information will be used to place you into the appropriate pace group for the upcoming program.  The more thorough and complete your information is the better we can sort our participants into pace groups.   Note that some questions are more applicable to participants in certain programs.  If you feel that a question is not applicable please feel free to indicate that in the appropriate box.

Participants will certainly be free to move from group to group over the course of training.  These questionnaires are designed to help us make an educated recommendation for your starting point.  We want to get to know you so that we can assist you in your fitness goals!

We look forward to growing and adjusting as we move further along in our training together. 

Thank you so much for your help! 
The Fleet Feet Running Club Coaches

Please check all applicable:
Please indicate if you registered as Participant or have been assigned to assist as Mentor.
Current Racing (List races in last 6 months starting with most recent.) Please be specific including distance, time, date of race, and additional notes. If you are brand new to training, AWESOME! Just submit that!
In your previous races, what went well and what did not? (In training and in competing) *Note: This may not be applicable to first time participants.
Please list your goal time for the race; If you are uncertain you can put a range or leave this blank.
Future races, dates & goal times, etc.
If currently sick or injured, descirbe difficult and date of onset
Describe your most recent 3 - 4 weeks of training in detail. List the miles or time spent running, your pace, the surface or terrain and any supplemental or additional training (weights, stretching, cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc.) Include any races run. List days of the week and details of workouts.
Please list any thoughts or concerns that you have that will help us to better coach you to your goals.

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