Our Team

Stacie Battjes

Originally from: Midland, MI
Nickname: I suspect our participants have a few nicknames for me based on their comments after tough workouts... but probably none that I'd rather go by!
Interesting fact about me: I met my husband in 6th grade!
Favorite hobbies: Running, reading, writing
Favorite race or fitness activity: My favorite race memory was running Grandfather Mountain Marathon years ago. It was a small race with simple logistics: Run up the mountain. The beautiful views combined with the finish at the Highland Games made it a day I'll never forget!
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: Hubby of 10+ Years - Dan; son and love of our lives - Lukas (2.5); dog who completes our family - Graham
Dream vacation: My dream vacation is truly anywhere that my family is together and having fun!  We love to be outside and we love to explore.  As long as I can wear running shoes and breathe fresh air then I am happy!

Jake Boyd

Originally from: Lake Zurich, IL (suburb of Chicago)
Nickname: Most of my friends back home call me Boyd  so I'll respond to that as well but Jake works just fine.
Interesting fact about me: I tried out for Jeopardy! last summer. I didn't make the cut but I hope to try again.
Favorite hobbies: Running, of course! I also like to do high intensity interval training, kickball, and I've recently gotten into home winemaking.
Favorite race or fitness activity: The Blue Ridge Relay was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I can't wait to do it again this fall.
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: None of my own but I have 17 years of dog-sitting experience!
Dream vacation: Boyd is a Scottish name so I've always wanted to visit Scotland and I've heard great things about the Edinburgh Marathon.

Allison Carroll

Originally from: Winston-Salem
Nickname: "AC"
Interesting fact about me: I love to fly fish with my dad whenever I can, which is the only time I use my lifetime hunting and fishing license!
Favorite hobbies: running, cycling, trail running, crochet, sewing, reading, working in the yard
Favorite race or fitness activity: I love the Ramblin' Rose Triathlon.
Spouse? Kids? Pets? Cats - Big Mama & Olive; Dog - Bentley
Dream vacation: Ireland & Germany

Chip Glunt

Originally from: Born in Ohio, reared in Texas!
Nickname: Just call me Chip
Interesting fact about me: Ridden my motorcycle to 49 states from Winston-Salem. Waiting on bridge to Hawaii to be built!
Favorite hobbies: Long distance motorcycling.
Favorite race or fitness activity: Beat the Heat
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: Wife of 16 years, Lisa & 3 rescue dogs, Olive, Pearl and Harry
Dream vacation: Isle of Mann

Mary Jo Gray

Originally from: Born in Charlotte, raised in Winston-Salem
Nickname: "MJ"
Interesting fact about me: Moved 13 times by the time I was 16 years old. 23 times total in my life!
Favorite hobbies: gardening, running, watching my kids play sports!
Favorite race or fitness activity: Love hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains!
Spouse? Kids? Pets?  Husband: Sam, Sammy (son) Emma (daughter), Chloe (crazy Weimaraner)
Dream vacation: Bora Bora    Best vacation: Paris, Florence, Geneva with my husband and kids. 

Mike Huddleston

Originally from: Winston-Salem
Nickname: Don't have one!
Interesting fact about me: Absolutely Nothing - Just an average joe
Favorite hobbies: Triathlons, anything outside except yard work
Favorite race or fitness activity: Triathlons except for White Lake
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: Spouse - Annette , Daughter - Ashley , Pets - 2 Shiz Tzu's Tuggers and Shadow(Poppie)
Dream vacation: Austrailia

Erin Key

Originally from: Bethlehem, PA
Nickname: EKey
Interesting fact about me: I eat. A lot.
Favorite hobbies: CrossFit, traveling
Favorite race or fitness activity: Marathons are my thing, and I love ultra distances and relay races like Ragnar.
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: Husband - Adam; Dog - Zuri
Dream vacation: Dream vacation is anywhere tropical! But I'd never pass up the chance to travel anywhere new.

Emily Mock

Originally from: Winston-Salem
Nickname: emock..em...ems..
Interesting fact about me: I hate sitting still!!!
Favorite hobbies: I love anything outdoors..I love to learn..and read!
Favorite race or fitness activity: Uwharrie Mountain Race
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: One sweet pup, Kona who is lab-pit mix
Dream vacation: To travel to Europe

Michael Raines

Originally from: Charleston, WV
Nickname: not a one!
Interesting fact about me: I'm the least interesting man in the world.
Favorite hobbies: running, enjoying bourbon
Favorite race or fitness activity: VA Creeper Marathon
Spouse? Kids? Pets? Wife - Andrea; two dogs - Cricket & Leica.
Dream vacation: The Bourbon Trail

Haley Rippey

Originally from: Winston-Salem
Nickname: None
Interesting fact about me: I was born 2 months early
Favorite hobbies: reading, going to the lake, spending time with friends and family
Favorite race or fitness activity: Nike Women's Half Marathon or Richmond Half Marathon
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: None
Dream vacation: To go to Ireland

Andrea Schultz

Originally from: Charlotte
Interesting fact about me: I have experienced different jobs from being a deputy sheriff to a bond trader.
Favorite hobbies: Running, working out, reading, playing tennis, and hanging with family, friends, and pets.
Favorite race or fitness activity: My first half - the 13.1 race in Charlotte, NC
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: Dog - Ace and Cat - P Kitty
Dream vacation: Tropical beach somewhere!

Matt Weiser

Originally from: Winston-Salem
Nickname: Give me a good one!
Interesting fact about me: can play drums, piano, guitar and bass guitar (can play both left-handed and right-handed)
Favorite hobbies: Running, playing and/or listening to music, baseball
Favorite race or fitness activity: Tar Heel 10 miler in Chapel Hill. Beautiful scenery and a well put on race.
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: Wife - Stephanie; two cats - Sherlock and Conan, and my dog - Murphy.
Dream vacation: To go to Ireland and get to run all over the island.

Sarah Westwood

Originally from: Whitehall, PA
Nickname: Sarah
Interesting fact about me: I'm an accountant now, but I awhile back, I was a live-in nanny.
Favorite hobbies: Knitting, cooking, hanging with the hubs and pups.
Favorite race or fitness activity: I like most 5k's although haven't done one in a while. I also enjoy things like Zuma and cize; however, I only do it at home as I look ridiculous.
Spouse? Kids? Pets?: Husband - Kevin
Dream vacation: I would love to go to Hawaii

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