Knee Pain

Are you having problems with your knees?  Consider the following helpful tips:

1.  Shoes & Inserts – Be sure that you are wearing a properly fitted shoe. Anyone with knee pain should strongly consider a rigid insert. A rigid insert will allow your foot to be stable within your shoe and alleviate excess strain on your knee.

2.  Stretch 
– Be sure that you stretch both your quadricep muscles and your hamstrings. You need to have a balance of both strength and flexibility in your upper legs. Having one muscle stronger or more flexible than another can be additional strain on the knee.

3.  Baby Steps
 – Take small steps when you are running. Over extending your stride can put unnecessary strain on your knee. Take short, quick steps to reduce the impact and work load of each individual step.

4.  Seated Position
 – If you have a desk job be attentive to the position of your desk chair. Ideally you want your knees to be a 90 degree angles in the seated position. You may have to raise/lower your chair to make this happen. Also pay attention to what your feet are doing underneath your desk chair. If you find yourself hooking your toes over the rail on the base of the chair you may be putting pressure on your knee in the process.

5.  Recovery Time
 – The length of your recovery should be decreasing after each workout. If your pain level and your recovery time are INCREASING after each workout then it is time to see a doctor or physical therapist. 


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