Mentor Wills 2016

Mentors - It is that time again!  I need your "wills" for the celebration party.  For those of you who haven't done this before:

Each mentor should choose one person (two at max) to will something to and award at the party.   Here are a few great examples from the past:

  • The "love for the hills"
  • "endless energy"
  • "Early Morning Runs"
  • "Sense of direction"
  • or some kind of joke that has come up over the course of training

I will print these wills on certificates and you will present your will at the celebration party.  You and your co-mentors may choose to do your wills together.  Please talk with your co-mentor about your choice of recipients.

Some folks like to give something with the will (I've seen maps, batteries, etc.) but you absolutely don't have to - you will have the certificate that I bring to hand to your recipient.

Use the form below to complete the following:

  • Mentor (YOUR NAME) 
  • would like to will to (PARTICIPANT NAME) (INSERT TEXT HERE).

Thanks so much for helping me with this!  I know that the participants and mentors alike enjoy this tradition at the parties and I love your creativity. 

For example: "Group 1B Mentor, Eddie Day"
Note: I will copy and paste this onto the certificate, so please write this exactly as you would like it to appear.

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