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On (run on clouds):  ON shoes have a HUGE following in Europe and currently compete with the likes of New Balance and Saucony…they are that good.  While they are newer to the United States, they know shoes, they know feet, and they make some awesome product.  For yourself or someone on your list that is looking for something new and different (not the same ‘ole shoes over and over), give ON a try.  We are excited about this new brand of shoes! Try it ON in-store to experience the cloud feeling!



Janji:  At Fleet Feet Sports Winston-Salem, we love Africa, we love orphans, and we love helping others.  This special brand gives a portion of proceeds to build wells in Africa so that those in need can have clean water.  You do realize that we SHOWER IN OUR DRINKING WATER, right? We are so blessed.  Janji is a brand with a mission, they make insanely awesome apparel, and they are blessing others.  Isn’t that a no brainer? Come on in to see how cool this brand is!


roll recovery

Roll Recovery:  Like inflicting pain on yourself? Maybe not, but if you want to workout/run and be ache free you may need to get comfortable with the concept at some point.  Self massage is the best way to stay ache free, unless of course you have a big budget for your own personal massage therapist.  This new rolling device covers the entire leg, gets deep, and works out all the kinks that start to make your muscles like beef jerky.

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craftCraft:  Created in Sweden, this brand has always been the brand of winter Olympic athletes.  This is no average apparel….their fabrics are designed to help regulate body temperature and to keep you comfy whether you are running or are at a football game.  Their baselayer has always been our favorite baselayer- and many folks in our training programs agree.

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 vivofit jrGarmin Vivofit jr:  Emily & Keith’s daughter Hope (7) is obsessed with her new VivoFit Junior!  This mini Garmin gadget is a step tracker, sleep tracker….but best of all you can track your child’s progress on chores through an app on your phone and they earn points.  This is essentially Garmin’s version of the FitBit but with the chore tracking feature- which makes it SUPER AWESOME for kids ages 4-10. In store now!

thermo breath
Mizuno Breath Thermo:  This stuff is magic!! Breath Thermo has been a favorite of Fleet Feet Sports Winston-Salem for a long time.  The breath thermo fiber heats up when you sweat…so whether it’s gloves, a headband, socks, or Breath Thermo apparel, you are slightly warmed while wearing it.  If you don’t have anything Breath Thermo in your drawer, you are missing out.
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Garmin Fenix 3 HR:  Aside from this Garmin watch just looking super cool, it is the mac daddy of GPS technology.  The Fenix has every feature that you could want in a running watch, and then some.  It is smarter than any other running watch out there - and smarter than some of the customers who wear it.  (hee hee).  If you are looking to give someone the most awesome technology gadget in the market today, this is it.

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Buy 3 Get 1 FREE socks:  Tired of chasing your favorite socks through the laundry? Or think it’s time to show a loved one that their old school cotton socks are very old school? This is the time to stock up!  All Balega, Swiftwick, and Feetures socks are Buy 3 Get 1 Free.  And once you wear good socks…who would ever go back.  Stocking stuffer opportunity! So many colors to choose from! If you don't have favorite sock yet, try all 3 brands!


Smartwool:  Wool! Antimicrobial! Amazing fit!  Smartwool has been a classic, standby sock - and it's finally at Fleet Feet Sports Winston-Salem!  Don't let the word wool fool you, this is no itchy scratchy wool.  This is the softest, finest, most comfy wool that surrounds your feet in glorious comfort.  If you've never tried wool socks,  you won't believe how awesome they feel inside your shoe.  For anyone that has a tendency to get cold toes, or has poor circulation, this is a great way to keep those tootsies a little warmer too! They're here! Now that it is colder, grab a few pairs for someone else and a few for you!

sugoiSugoi:  Emily’s first half marathon shirt was a Sugoi shirt and she finally broke up with it 10 years later.  Sugoi makes some of the best quality, most stylish apparel in the entire apparel universe.  Whether it’s a half zip, the mid-zero tight (our favorite winter tight), or a Sugoi baselayer- you will be dry, comfy, and looking good this season. So much to choose from in-store and SO comfy!


balegaBalega: Crazy Crews are here! Fun socks for everyone! Balega is the sock brand with the biggest heart for missions!  Balega socks are made in South Africa and a healthy portion of their proceeds go to benefit a school in South Africa for mentally and physically disabled youth.   Owners Bert & Tanya Pictor are personal friends of Emily & Keith’s and they not only make a FANTASTIC sock, they are just awesome people with big giving hearts.(sorry, these are not included in the B3G1 promotion). What a fun stocking stuffer for everyone on your list!


GIFT OF FITThe Gift of Fit: ($150 card + free socks) OR a stocking stuffer…for now I have Gift of Fit as the last day:  Did you know 9 out of 10 people will have foot problems at some point in their life? Feet take quite a beating!! And it doesn’t matter if you run, walk, or stand a lot….we need to use our feet for everything. Give the gift of HAPPY FEET, to someone on your list this year.  When you purchase a $150 gift card they will be able to score a full fit (in most cases shoes and inserts) and the card will include a free pair of socks of your choice.  Easy. Done. Happy feet ahead. Buy this one in store. You'll get a mini shoe box to wrap it up in! Or - we'll wrap it for you for free!


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