Hot Weather and Your Heart

Get Hot – Get Pumped!

It is the first hot day of the summer and you have just completed your workout. You feel sluggish, miserable, and you are wondering “How will I survive the heat this year?” Sure enough, a few weeks later you have adapted, and the heat doesn’t seem to bother you quite as much. Maybe your attitude changed, or did your body truly adapt?

Routine training in the heat forces your body to respond. In an effort to cool itself your body sends blood to the core and skin. With blood being utilized to cool the body, less is available for muscle use and you may feel fatigued. In an effort to protect yourself from your next workout, your body will create more blood in order to have enough for both activity AND cooling. Over time your blood volume will increase as a result of hot weather training.

What does this mean? Train all summer for a cool fall marathon and you will find out! Over the summer your body will continuously increase your blood volume in an effort to allow you to stay both active and cool. When you toe the line in your fall race the lower air temperature will allow your body to stay cool without the need for an increased blood supply. Without multiple needs your increased blood volume will be able to be used by your well trained muscles. And what does that mean? A really great race!

So get out there, get hot, and get pumped!


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