Keep Your Hands Warm

Has the harsh onset of winter left you with cold hands and numb fingers?  We are continuously talking to runners and walkers who are suffering from painfully cold hands.  If you find yourself in the category of numb fingered athletes then it is time to re-evaluate what you are wearing on your hands.

Raynaud's Disease
While cold hands are an annoyance for some, for others they can be indicative of a greater health problem.  Severe reactions to cold such as spasms that cause an interruption in blood flow to fingers, toes, nose and/or ears can be a symptom of Raynaud's Disease.  Recently featured on the Today Show some 5-10% of Americans suffer from Raynaud's.  Although Raynaud's can be uncomfortable, it can be controlled and helped with the proper choice of apparel and accessories. 

What is on YOUR hands?
There is a vast array of warm hand accessories to help you stay active this winter.  As with all athletic apparel your first priority is to make sure you are wearing a wicking glove or mitten.  Keeping your hands dry will be the key to keeping your fingers toasty warm.  

There is a significant difference from one style of gloves to another.  You may like some of the styles that offer wind protection to further protect your precious paws from the elements.  Wind protection and the brushed fleece liner of the Pearl Izumi Soft Shell glove has been the perfect answer for a number of our customers.

Other customers find that a heavy or thick glove leaves them sweaty hands and an uncomfortable run.  For these individuals a thin glove like the MIzuno Breath Thermo or the Manzella glove may be a preferred option.  These styles will offer moderate warmth without causing overheating.

If you are still struggling to find the solution you may find relief in the comfort of a nice pair of mittens.  My personal favorite is the Sugoi Wind Mitt.  As a long distance runner with Raynaud's disease I am very picky about what goes on my hands.  This loose fitting mitten allows my fingers to help keep each other warm and to move throughout the run.  I can ball my fist up inside of the mitten and keep my fingers moving.  The Wind Mitt has been my perfect solution for my super sensitive hands.

Don't let cold hands give you cold feet
With great technology and designs for hand wear, today's runners and walkers have a multitude of choices to keep their hands warm during activity.  Be sure to find the perfect solution for your personal needs.  Cold hands should not stop your feet from getting out the door! 

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