Pace Strategy: Marathon

Note:  RP = Race Pace

Miles 1-2:  RP+30 seconds
Should feel slow
The crowd is helping you slow down – use it
Don’t be discouraged – feels like crawling

Mile 3-4:  RP+ 15 seconds
Starting to get through the crowds to settle in
Avoid overcompensating - pace should become natural without overthinking

Miles 5-18:  RP
Find your comfort zone
As you get fatigued think about cadence
Plan ahead with nutrition and hydration
Try to find a group to tag along with and allow your mind to destress
Break this into sections (5-13.1;  13.1-16; 16-19 – 5K at a time)

Miles 19-22:  Focus on RP;  Will FEEL like RP-10 seconds
Will not be an easy shift, but pull away from your pack
You will be passing people
You’ve run more 20+ than most people – remember this  at this point
You’ll be uncomfortable, stay focused on cadence form, and don’t delay on nutrition

Mile 22-24:  RP-10 seconds
Consider how much more uncomfortable are you willing to get

Miles 24-26.2:  RP-?
No reason to hold back at this point – let it go!

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