Stretching Routine

Stretching after each workout is a great way to maintain and improve flexibility.  The following stretches provide a thorough and balanced stretching routine.  Hold each stretch 20-30 seconds.

Standing Stretches

Begin by rolling your shoulders back 3 – 5x. 

Quad Stretch:  Balance standing on one foot while holding the opposite foot in your hand.  Draw the foot in your hand close to your backside.  Keep your knees close together and push your hips forward. 

Hamstring Stretch:  Stand with your feet parallel and slightly wider than shoulder width apart.  Hinge from the hips and reach for your toes.  From this position walk your hands to one side in order to isolate each leg.  Repeat on opposite side.  Roll up slowly.

Calf Stretch:  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and parallel.  Step back with your left leg (as though you are doing a lunge).  Keep your left heel on the ground and your left leg straight.  Hold for 20 seconds.  For the 2nd stretch maintain the same position with your feet, but drive your left knee towards the ground.  Try to keep your left heel close to the ground.  Hold for 20 seconds.  Repeat on the right side.

Shin Stretch:  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and parallel.  Keep your heels on a curb/step and let your toes hang off the curb.

Shoulder Stretch:  Draw your right arm across your body keeping a space between your chin and your shoulder.  Repeat on your left.

Tricep Stretch:  Reach up with your right arm and pat yourself on the back;  gently tug on your elbow.  Repeat on the opposite side.      

Seated Stretches

Glutes:  Seated on the ground cross your left ankle over your right knee.  Move your right foot closer to your glutes and sit tall with your spine long.  Repeat on the opposite side.

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