Sun Safety

You’ve got your properly fitted shoes, your hydration belt, your GPS watch… and you’re ready to go!

But what you have forgotten could be the most important gear that you wear when you stop out the door:  Sunscreen.  As athletes we concentrate on keeping our bodies well nourished, rested, stretched, massaged, and primed for intense training.  But we often neglect the portion of our body that is most exposed to the elements while we are training:  Our skin.  Check out a few Sun Safety tips for your next workout.

  1. Sunscreen:  Wear a sweat proof sunscreen that will go on smoothly and stay on throughout your workout.  Fleet Feet Sports carries  sunscreen that sprays on and stays on throughout your workout.  Remember to apply sunscreen before putting on your running apparel as clothing will shift during your workout and may leave a different area of your body exposed to the suns rays.
  2. Hats/Visors:  A hat or visor is an easy way to keep the most vulnerable part of your body, your face, shaded from the sun.  In addition wearing a running hat with a terry cloth rim will keep sweat from dripping into your eyes throughout your workout. 
  3. Sunglasses:  Don’t forget to protect your eyes!  Many of us are unaware of the effects of the sun’s rays on our eyes.  Hours of squinting on the run or on the bike can leave your eyes exposed to extensive sun damage.  Preserving your eyesight starts with keeping your eyes out of the sun.  Running sunglasses are a great way to achieve this protection.
  4. Location:  Pay attention to the routes that you run.  Finding a shaded area for your afternoon runs will keep you cool and protected.  Trail running is a great way to change up your routine as well as keep you out of the sun’s rays.
  5. Time:  During the hottest times of the year you will benefit from early morning and later evening workouts.  Avoid mid-day workouts that will leave you vulnerable from the most direct rays.

Protect yourself from sun exposure for a lifetime of healthy and fitness!

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