Sweat Test for Dehydration

Step on the scale!

Curious how dehydrated you are getting in the hot North Carolina summer? Find out! Before you lace up your shoes for your next workout take off all of your clothes and step on the scale. After your run take off your shoes and clothing and weigh yourself again.

Losing anything above 2% of your body weight will affect your athletic performance. For a 150lb runner that is just 3lbs of sweat. 

Taking it to the next level, if you are running in a carefully monitored race and lose 5% of your body weight in sweat, the race officials will have you sit down to rest. It is commonly viewed that 5% weight loss through sweat is near a dangerous point of dehydration.

Anything above 7% and you will be pulled from the race. At 7% loss your body will begin to shut down, leaving some systems and organs in a state of danger and potential permanent damage.

So how do you avoid losing excess amounts of body weight in sweat?  Hydrate well! In addition, maintain electrolytes.  Staying hydrated and maintaining the appropriate levels of potassium, magnesium and sodium will keep your muscles feeling great. Using an electrolyte replacement and proper nutrition will help you to avoid “bonking” in the heat.

Check out products like Nuun, Gatorade Endurance, Hammer Gel, CarbBoom and more to find your perfect balance for staying strong throughout your workout. 


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