107 lbs down... and 10K Training starts now!

I weighed 351 lbs in September of 2014. I had always told myself I would get back into shape, promising myself things that I just never acted on. Well I was fed up with that attitude, and really kick-started my wellness in October. I started recording everything I ate, regardless of what it was.  I started noticing how certain foods and portion sizes made me feel. This helped me start focusing on what I would consider the diet that works for me. If you imagine a grocery store, I only shop for foods on the outside of the store. Proteins, Leafy Greens, More Colors, Less grays and browns. As a rule of thumb I won't eat anything that has an ingredient in it I can't pronounce or don't already know what it is. In tandem with eating better, a few co-workers and I started walking for 20 minutes at lunch each day. My shins would burn and be sore but that wouldn't stop me from doing the 20 mins. I started using the elliptical that I had avoided at my parent's house for 15 minutes after work almost every day. Our group at work started weighing in every Monday. We are constantly challenging each other to wellness. I started to notice this snowball like effect that was happening to me. The more weight I lost the better I felt and the more activities I wanted to try, that previously I was unable to do. I joined a gym, bought a mountain bike, started the "Couch to 5k" program, played golf more, and went on weekend hikes. Around mid January of this year, a friend of mine told me about this awesome shoe store that really set him straight when it came to his walking shoes. He told me about Fleet Feet Winston Salem. I thought I would go try out the shoe fitting that they offered and get my hands on some serious workout gear. That day, January 14, 2015, I bought my first actual pair of running shoes and I signed up for No Boundaries.  I haven't looked back since, unless its to let another runner pass, Haha.

This past weekend's Hospice Hope Race was my first 5k ever, running an official 34:49.  And as of this morning I've lost 107.6 lbs.  I have to thank my friends, family, co-workers, and all the mentors in the No Boundaries program for really keeping me motivated. I've never felt better, and am looking forward to 10k training starting this Tuesday.

I urge anyone that is uncertain if a Fleet Feet Winston training program is right for them to just give it a try.  It's meant the world to me and can honestly say I drink the Running / Fleet Feet-WS Kool aid now!!

-Lee Schloss
No Boundaries (Beginner 5K Training) Graduate
10K Trainee
Filled with endless energy and determination!

107 lbs down... and 10K Training starts now! More Info »

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