I now have turned a challenge into a whole new lifestyle

First of all, No Boundaries was not my idea. My wife Lisa had taken the Spring 2010 class in preparation  to run her first 5K (The Hope Run). I was working 2nd shift at the time so I wasn't home when she would leave or return home from practice. Second shift was my excuse for not participating.  Every morning she would tell me about class and all the people she was meeting and how much she was enjoying running. Finally,  it was race day, but thunderstorms were rolling through the area and the race was cancelled. Determined to run a 5k, Lisa set out and ran through our neighborhood for 5 kilometers.  She was happy she did it, but I could see she was upset the race was called off.

Skip 5 months into the future and Lisa calls me to tell me that the No Boundaries class was now being offered in the morning and she had signed me up! Oh Boy I thought.  Not one to back down from a challenge, I was going to give the class a try. At the kick off meeting,  I was amazed at the amount of people that was going to participate.  The blonde who was in charge was unbelievably energetic and was guaranteeing us we were going to enjoy the next 12 weeks.

At the first practice I thought the first minute of running would never end!  "I gotta quit smoking" I tell myself.  Two weeks into the class and I am hooked. I could feel myself getting stronger and the distance and amount of time I could run was increasing.  Ten weeks later, the goal race was upon us and I was excited to actually run a 5K along side my wife. ( She also continued the evening training).  Now I know why she was bummed out about her first race being cancelled.

Skip to the present and I now have turned a challenge into a whole new lifestyle.  I continued with the No Bo classes and became a mentor for the beginning runners.  I was laid off from my job and was hired part time at Fleet Feet. For me, the No Boundaries program changed everything.  Since my first class, I have participated and mentored in 5K, 10K, speed series and half marathon.  I plan on running in my fifth half marathon next month.  I cannot count the number of great people I have met in the last 2 years.  All of this because NoBo was offered in the morning.

Oh yea,  I also quit smoking!

- Chip Glunt

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