In my mid-60s I got off my sofa and started walking...

For as long as I can remember, I have had weight and poor self-image problems.  In my mid-60s I found myself living alone and care taker for my mother.  Watching her struggle getting up and down out of a chair made me realize I needed to get fit for my older years!  My main activities were working, eating, sleeping, and packing on the pounds.  I came up off my sofa and started walking. 

My son's new wife told me about NoBo at Fleet Feet.  In February 2012 I stepped into a world I never knew could exist for me.  I'll never forget the joy and amazement I felt my first time running.  This was something I never thought nor dreamed I could do.  Even my brother has commented several times how my completing 5Ks is so out of character and how different I have become.  I tell the participants in NoBo (yes, I am a mentor now!) "don't compare yourself to the people in front of you--compare yourself to who you were last week."

- Janie Sineath

In my mid-60s I got off my sofa and started walking... More Info »

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