My goal was to become someone who enjoyed the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle...

The changes No Boundaries has made in my life is multi-faceted.  Initially, the plan was to change from a person who worked, came home, sat down and was asleep by 8 pm to someone one engaged in life, enjoying the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle.  Check.  That was done with the first No Boundaries class. 

The subsequent changes were more than the No Boundaries promotional information promised.  First, it became a hobby to run 5Ks, collect technical tee shirts and try to best my previous times. 

Second, it became a new chapter in my relationship with my husband.  He joined No Boundaries and it became his hobby too.  He began mentoring classes, running with me and competing with me (sometimes besting me, but not all the time).  Running, and all that goes along with it, is a thoroughly discussed topic in our house. 

Third, it turned into an opportunity for a job and income source.  Admittedly, this doesn't happen to most, but cause of my husband's involvement with No Boundaries, when he was laid off from his job of 16 years, it offered him a unique chance to become employed at Fleet Feet and become even more involved in the No Boundaries program -- even coaching classes -- something that makes him feel good and makes me proud. 

Fourth, at No Boundaries, everyone wants each other to do their best and we are all very, very proud of each other.  To have someone or a group of people provide that unconditional encouragement and support always feels good.  I am rich with No Boundaries friends.

Fifth, No Boundaries was my entrance into other athletic activities I never imagined I would be capable of doing -- 10k, Tri, Half Marathons -- it turns out that I am a ROCKSTAR! 

Sixth, and finally, No Boundaries provides those good fundamental life lessons that keep a person grounded.  Some days, I feel like a rockstar and some days I feel like a rock.  No matter how much I think I accomplish in running, I must always remember that first minute or that first mile or that first 5k I ever ran in No Boundaries.  I always need to remember what that felt like so that I can help someone else have an opportunity to experience what No Boundaries can do for them.

- Lisa Glunt

My goal was to become someone who enjoyed the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle... More Info »

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