"What a welcome surprise and relief it was to see that I fit right in"

    The No Boundaries program has been such a life changer for me!  In fact, today I tell people that the initial email I received 3 years ago informing me of this awesome program was such a Godsend!  It took lot of courage to join, because I had never been a runner and didn't know anyone doing the program, but I was dealing with some weight issues and decided I needed to make this commitment.  I was sure that nobody else in the program would have as little running experience as I had, and was certain everyone else would be in great shape.  What a welcome surprise and relief it was to see that I fit right in, and that there were many participants who were in the same boat as I was!   The No Boundaries training plan, because it is based on sound research, combined with the support of wonderful coaches and mentors, have led me to reach goals that I never before thought possible!  I also love the educational aspect of No Boundaries, giving me a much clearer understanding of the mechanics of running, nutrition, injury prevention, and hydration.        

     Since I started the running program, I have lost thirty pounds and three pants sizes, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have decreased, and I have basically been cured of sleep apnea.  Needless to say, my doctor is thrilled that I run!  Aside from the physical benefits, I have also made so many new friends, and, as a middle school teacher, running has been an amazing stress reliever!       I feel so appreciative of Fleet Feet Sports - Winson-Salem for providing such a life-changing opportunity!  They have enabled me to make changes in my life that I feel confident will give me more years to enjoy all the blessing of this life!

- Jane Lyerly

"What a welcome surprise and relief it was to see that I fit right in" More Info »

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