2018 Running Club Schedule


5K Finish (3.1 miles)(Formerly No Boundaries):  Designed for first time runners. This is a true couch to 5K program.  Also good for runners that recovering from a long-term injury and need to work back up to running. Upcoming Programs:  September (Goal Race: Mission 5K) 

5K Foundation (3.1 miles) (Formerly No Boundaries II):  Designed for 5K Finish graduates or runners that can comfortably run 2-3 miles and want to work to improve their endurance and pace. Upcoming Programs: September (Goal Race: Mission 5K)

5K FastThe 5K Fast program is designed for competitive runners who can easily complete a 5K race and finish strong.  Participants in the program will be looking to gain speed and strength that will allow them to run their fastest 5K of the year. Designed for runners that run at least a :30 5K and 20 miles per week.  Practices will be intense and will feature speed work and tempo work. Upcoming Programs: June (Goal Race: Beat the Heat 5K) 


Trail RunningReady to get dirty and explore running in the woods?  Come hit the trails with the Fleet Feet Running Club!  We want to introduce you to the joy of Trail Running!  Upcoming Programs:  July (Hobby Trails to You 5K & 10K Trail Race at Hobby Park)  ***JULY 2018 PROGRAM CANCELLED***  Keep your eyes out for future sessions!


Distance Training Informational Expo July 28th! Come to learn more about half marathon and marathon training with us this Fall! 

Half Marathon Finish (13.1 miles): The Finish program is build to target runners who are looking to work towards finishing the Half Marathon and having fun while doing it.  Upcoming Programs: September (Goal Race: Mistletoe Half Marathon)

Half Marathon Foundation (13.1 miles): The Foundation program is build to target runners who have previously completed a Half Marathon and are looking to improve upon their pace & endurance.  Upcoming Programs: September (Goal Race: Mistletoe Half Marathon)

Half Marathon Fast (13.1 miles): The Fast program is build to target runners who are prepared for intense training and are looking to work towards a competitive best time. Upcoming Programs: September (Goal Race: Mistletoe Half Marathon) *** THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN COMBINED WITH HALF MARATHON FOUNDATION.  REGISTER FOR HALF MARATHON FOUNDATION, WHICH IS LISTED ABOVE***

Marathon  (26.2 miles):  The Marathon training program is build to target runners who are looking to work towards finishing their first Marathon or improve upon a prior Marathon finish time.  This group is also great for the someone looking to train for a Marathon while having a group to train with.  Upcoming Program: August (Goal Race: Charlotte Marathon, but also appropriate for any race within the window of October 27 - November 11)


Tri4Women: Tri4Women is a fun-filled and encouraging program designed to help female triathletes complete their first sprint triathlon.  Upcoming Program: June (Goal Race: Ramblin' Rose Women's Sprint Triathlon)


10K - A  (6.2 miles): The 10K- A program is designed for runners that are looking to improve their pace, aim for a PR (personal record), and are looking for a finish time less than 10 minutes/mile.  This program will include speed work and will push participants to achieve their personal best.  Upcoming Programs: April (Goal Race: Asheville 10K)

10K - B (6.2 miles): The 10K-B is designed for runners of all paces that are looking to successfully finish a 10K and want the group training experience, camaraderie, encouragement and large group training format.  This program will be focus on successfully getting participants to the finish line. Upcoming Programs: April (Goal Race: Asheville 10K)

Running the Vines Walk/Run 10K Training (6.2 miles): This program is designed specifically for run/walkers and runners that train between 12-15 minutes per mile.  This 4 week program will train for the Shelton Vineyards 10K on May 19th.  Upcoming Programs: April 


Living Fit Series Throughout the year with partner with other fitness groups in town to offer short 4-week classes!  Enjoy a variety of fitness experiences with the best instructors and trainers in town!

We Run Winston:   Enjoy having a support crew at local races.  Join the We Run Winston Community and take advantage of great race perks while growing our local fitness community!

Questions?  Contact us at staff@fleetfeetws.com

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