Participation Pledge

Fleet Feet Sports Winston-Salem upholds safety of our participants and fellow fitness enthusiasts as our highest priority.  We invite all training program participants to join us in taking the following pledge:

As a fitness enthusiast in the Winston-Salem Community I pledge

  • To promote health and fitness within the Winston-Salem community
  • To promote safety and activity within the community through my behavior both as a pedestrian and as driver
  • To adhere to pedestrian and traffic laws
  • To run and walk on sidewalks whenever they are available
  • To make myself visible to traffic and pedestrians with reflective and bright colored apparel
  • To address my medical needs and overall health to ensure I am medically able and properly trained to participate
  • To abide by any decision of an official or authorized volunteer relative to any aspect of my participation
  • To maintain safe and cautious behavior to avoid accident and prevent injury
  • To enhance my safety by maintaining full awareness of my surroundings and agreeing to participate without headphones, animals, or other potential distractions
  • To carefully navigate the designated course of each event and adhere to the assigned route
  • To respect the members of the community where we run and walk
  • To respect fellow participants while promoting their safety and well being
  • To participate in a non-competitive manner with the promotion of the fitness community being my greatest goal and most significant priority

In addition we ask that all Training Program participants wear identification at each practice.

Thank you for helping us to create a safe and healthy Winston-Salem!

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