Winter 2018 Mentor Preferences

Happy Holidays Mentors!  At this time we are asking that you complete the form with any and all programs that you are interested in mentoring for WINTER 2018.  Shortly before the start of each program we will reach out to all interested individuals to check your availability.  Completing this form does not mean that you MUST commit to the selected programs.  It simply helps us to start planning appropriately.  Our goal is to have the appropriate number of mentors for each program for each pace group.


Mentor Expectations
In an effort to deliver an outstanding training program experience to our diverse and unique participants we uphold the following expectations of our volunteer mentors:

Mentors need to:

  • Have previously completed the distance that the program participants are targeting.
  • Be willing to assist groups at various paces, sometimes slower than individual goal.
  • Attend 85% of practices during the training programs that he/she mentors (unless alternative arrangement made with coach)
  • Notify Head Coach and Co-Mentor in advance of absences
  • Adhere to safety, visibility guidelines, traffic laws and enforce these rules amongst participants
  • Adhere to specified routes, training paces, and distances
  • Carry a cell phone at all practices
  • Uphold safety of the group as the highest priority and take sensible precautions as needed

Thank you so much for all of your help - I am looking forward to an awesome year of training.

PLEASE NOTE:  All three winter programs will be practicing on Saturdays.  If you wish to MENTOR a program and PARTICIPATE in another, please note the start times.  You may be able to manage this with some creativity, but your role as a mentor needs to be your top priority.    

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