Winter 2018 Mentor Preferences

Hello Mentors!  Thank you for what you have contributed to our training programs and for how you have served this awesome running community over the years.  Much has changed since the Fall programs concluded.  One thing that will not be changing is how much we count on  and value the role of the Fleet Feet Running Club mentor.

If you would like to serve as a mentor in 2018, please help us by completing the information below.  At this time we are asking that you complete the form only for programs that you are interested in mentoring for WINTER 2018 (10-Mile, 5K Fast and 5K Finish).  We will be releasing the remainder of the 2018 FFRC calendar as soon as we can, and we will be including information for mentoring in every program at that time.


Mentor Expectations
In an effort to deliver an outstanding training program experience to all of our participants, we have the following expectations of our volunteer mentors:

  • Experience.  Mentors should have previously completed the distance for the program they are mentoring.
  • Mentors may be asked to assist groups at various paces, sometimes slower than individual goal.
  • Consistency.  Attend 85% of practices during the training programs that he/she mentors (unless alternative arrangement made with coach).
  • Notify Head Coach and Co-Mentor in advance of absences.
  • Adhere to safety and visibility guidelines, obey all traffic laws and enforce FFRC-established rules amongst participants.
  • Be knowledgeable of and adhere to specified routes, training paces, and distances.
  • Carry a cell phone during all training runs and events.

PLEASE NOTE:  All three winter programs will be working out on Saturdays.  With some creativity, it may be possible to MENTOR one program and PARTICIPATE in another.  If this is a consideration, please pay careful attention to the start times for the programs in question.  If you apply for and are accepted as a mentor, we ask that mentoring be your first priority and that you are available (as a mentor) for the entirety of the workout.

THANK YOU.  Mentoring is a very rewarding experience.  It is also a sacrifice, and we could not produce the FFRC experience without you.  As a small way of saying thank you, mentors that check in to and out of 85% of the program workouts will receive a voucher for one free FFRC program.  Thank you for all you do to for Fleet Feet Sports and the FFRC!


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