Changes to 2019 Winter Training

Dear We Run Winston and Fleet Feet Running Club family,

I am writing to share with you our decision to cancel the Winter ½ Marathon and Winter 5K Finish training programs (we will continue to offer 10K and the WRW group runs on Wednesday and Saturday).  This has been an extremely difficult decision.  It is one that we prayed about and sought counsel from many different stakeholders.  Considering all the feedback we received, we have concluded that the resources required were insufficient to move forward.   

I am certain that this news is disappointing and even inconvenient for many of you.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much thought has gone into this decision or how difficult it is for us to have to cancel programs.  That said, I know that we have made the best (though hardest) decision given the information we had and our goals for the future.  Within the “space” afforded us by the cancellation of these programs, we will be recruiting and developing new coaches and new leaders to support an expanded training platform.     

We have communicated directly with those that were registered and thereby directly affected.  There are probably more of you, however, that though not registered were actively considering one of the affected programs.  For those registered and anyone considering, we offer the following options:

1)      We will be processing full refunds for paid registration fees as well as any payment processing charges that were incurred.  There will continue to be an opportunities to train with our group runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays mornings.  Though Fleet Feet coaches and mentors won’t be on hand, these runs provide the encouragement of group training with the FFRC/WRW community.

2)      We are also offering the transfer of registration to the 10K program, which we will be offering.  For ½ Marathoners transferring to the 10K, we are happy to assist with modifications to the 10K training plan to achieve the higher mileage necessary to run a ½ marathon.  10K training begins on February 9 and will be training for the iconic Cooper River Bridge 10K.  With the changes in coaching schedules, we are pleased to announce that Allison Carroll-Blackwell will be the head coach for the 10K program and she will be assisted by Adam Jones.  Both coaches and I are excited about the combined strength of this coaching team. 

3)      Mentors for ½ Marathon and 5K Finish are encouraged to join us the 10K program.  Please contact me if you would like to change your commitment to the 10K.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience of this cancellation.  It is certainly not the outcome we desired and was a decision that was not taken lightly.  Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions or concerns that I can address, I am happy to share what went into this decision. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support.

Keith & Emily

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